Summer Course 2019

We are celebrating our 11th year at Club Irlandes de Raqueta!! Summer Course this year commences on Monday 24th June 2019!
We have spaces available for all weeks, but reserve your place soon as spaces are limited! Check out the information on this page and contact us if you require any further assistance.
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Countdown to Summer!

Magic Mondays

We welcome players from 9am everyday of camp, however on Monday please arrive early to register your attendance as it gets busy!!

Magic Mondays are all about learning and showcasing your skills! We will teach you new dribbling and turning techniques, and you get to show them off in lots of different competitive exercises.

Something new for this year is our Player Challenge. Test your all round skills against other players on course and put yourself on the leaderboard for a special prize on Friday!!

In the afternoon we have our team games where players are split into groups to compete in fun games organised by the coaches. The day ends with small sided games organised by age group.


Teamwork Tuesdays

The theme for Tuesdays is teamwork. We put players into teams when they first arrive and throughout the morning players compete in team games & challenges for points!!

Teamwork Tuesdays commence with ALL players being assigned a team to which they will accumulate points throughout the week. The morning activities incorporate lots of team building exercises where players, both young and old will get to know their teammates.

The second part of the morning will see the teams play fun games such as dodgeball, football cricket, football baseball etc… in a tournament style format to see how many points they can gain for their respective teams.

The Player Challenge is followed in the afternoon by some individual challenges whereby players apply their individual techniques for points towards their teams. The day ends with our team SSG´s.

World Cup Wednesdays

Players arrive on course in their team colours on Wednesdays. They should also have badges, flags and facts on their teams to gain points in our opening ceremony.

World Cup Wednesdays is exactly as it sounds. Players compete in a mini World Cup format in the morning to win points and get to the finals around lunchtime. Extra points are given for wacky celebrations and a well choreographed team opening ceremony.

The day opens with teams performing their opening ceremony to the anthem of their team. Here they present their flags and facts for the coaches to score.

Wednesday afternoon is reserved for Lightning. The fast paced shooting game that all players love!


Fun Thursdays

Thursdays are reserved for lots of fun & games. Players are invited to bring food to share with their teammates at lunchtime and the afternoons have a slippery surprise!!

Thursdays are our final day of technical practices. These are coach led practices where players learn new techniques through fun exercises.

Lunchtime is when teams get together and share food with their teammates. There´s everything from crisps and cookies to chocolate cake and even the odd vegetable!

Weather permitting, Thursday afternoons have traditionally been water games. We set up water baseball and water bolicé for teams to compete and win points for their teams. This is a FULL DAY activity only.

Fancy Dress Fridays

Fridays are our Presentation Day. We invite parents to attend to not only take a few pictures, but also play alongside their children!

Share in the fun alongside the kids by participating in our Parents v Players match at both midday (Half Day) and at 3pm (Full Day).

Players are invited to participate in the day´s fun & games dressed in their favourite costume. And, if you are really inventive, you can bring something for your coaches to wear too!

The points are totalled up at the end of the day, and we announce the winner of the week´s tournament!



8 Weeks!
8 WEEKS of summer
Monday 24th June - Friday 16th August
Half Day 9am - 1pm
Full Day 9am - 4pm
Club Irlandes de Raqueta
Contact us NOW
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55 2699 9215
Activities organised by age group. Players from 4 yrs and above welcome!
All players receive a football and t-shirt presented to them on Friday´s presentation ceremony