Summer Course 2019

We are celebrating our 11th year at Club Irlandes de Raqueta!! Summer Course this year commences on Monday 24th June 2019!
We have spaces available for all weeks, but reserve your place soon as spaces are limited! Check out the information on this page and contact us if you require any further assistance.
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Countdown to Summer!

FutAcademy is about to hold it´s 9th consecutive summer course. Our first course was in 2009 when we occupied what is not the Atletico Madrid facility in Espacio Interlomas. The following year we moved to the Club Irlandes de Raqueta, La Herradura and have held 7 courses at that facility. This year sees us move to a new facility in Interlomas, Domo Interlomas, which is more commonly known as "Domo America" on Jesus del Monte. This indoor venue boasts a field twice the size of the Irlandes de Raqueta therefore we shall have more space in order to be able to accommodate more players as well as enable us to work in all weather conditions. 


2009 - Our first ever summer course

Course this year was held at Espacio Interlomas in conjunction with the team at MEGAFUT. MEGAFUT had a Brazilian soccer school working at it´s newly laid astrotruf facility on top of the shopping centre on Jesus del Monte. The then manager invited FutAcademy to hold it´s first ever course there. We had a best week of around 30 players attending, including some players who still participate in the academy! Coach Michael together with Coach Martin and Coach David led the course and introduced Mexico to a new novel concept of fun soccer activities for all! Some of the highlights from that year were the immense amount of football golf we played as well as "dunking" Gustavo who later became an administrator at FutAcademy.

2010 - Welcome to the Club Irlandes de Raqueta


2011 - 2nd Year at the Club Irlandes de Raqueta


2012 - Welcome to the Club Irlandes de Raqueta


2013 - Welcome to the Club Irlandes de Raqueta


8 Weeks!
8 WEEKS of summer
Monday 24th June - Friday 16th August
Half Day 9am - 1pm
Full Day 9am - 4pm
Club Irlandes de Raqueta
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55 2699 9215
Activities organised by age group. Players from 4 yrs and above welcome!
All players receive a football and t-shirt presented to them on Friday´s presentation ceremony