Sunday 16th August, 2020


COVID-19 FA Reapertura


Dear FutAcademy Community, 


I hope this message finds you and your families well and in good health. It has been a challenging few months for everyone and one that has presented many challenges both in our professional and personal lives. 


COVID-19 is a situation that caught the majority of us by surprise. We had to quickly make decisions and take actions in order to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of not only our staff and players, but, their families and the wider community as well. Football globally was suspended, with trainings, matches and even TV programmes cancelled at the drop of a hat. It truly has been an unprecedented time in which we have been living. Our experiences in lockdown, spending time at home and with our nearest family members will no doubt remain with us for the rest of our lives and one day we shall look upon the memories we have made throughout the past few months with many mixed emotions. 


Since mid March, FutAcademy has slowly ground to a halt. We began offering online material, in the form of challenges and training exercises, for our students to perform at their own convenience. In June, we made a decision to cancel our very successful summer course, for the first time in 12 years. And, throughout July and now August, we have been evaluating the pandemic, heeding advice from experts and researching best practices for when we are finally able to offer football classes once again. Unfortunately, we are very much in the hands of the Mexican Federal, State and Local government entities when it comes to deciding on when we can commence classes and be fully operational. 


However, I would like to begin the process of “reapertura” by sharing with our community the decision making process that takes place, the steps we aim to take and also garner some knowledge and feelings from yourselves in order to better plan our strategy for recommencing classes.


  1. Decision making process

    1. “Football” has been classified as a HIGH RISK activity and as a consequence is only permitted once the “Traffic Light” system reaches GREEN.

    2. The reason for this is the high likelihood of physical contact, increased levels of perspiration and respiration which all combine to produce an environment in which a virus can multiply at ease. 

    3. However, having reviewed best practises and protocols published by many football federations around the world, I believe we can break down the global term “Football” into safer categories in order to be able to propose ways in which players may be able to exercise safely in a football themed environment. For example, individual fitness classes, small group non-contact training sessions.

    4. FutAcademy has outlined a three step protocol for commencing classes based on the English Football Association Guidelines; (This is in lieu of a similar document being produced by the mexican football federation) FA Reapertura Protocol 

    5. CLUB TECA & CLUB IRLANDES form part of an association of sports & social clubs and fall into the jurisdictions of Estado de Mexico, Huixquilucan (& Naucalpan, Teca).

    6. Sports & Social clubs have very strict protocols that they must comply with in order for anyone to enter and make use of the facilities. They are also being visited regularly by inspectors in order to ensure they are in compliance with said regulations. They have been instructed to not permit “football” activities until a GREEN light is achieved. 

    7. It is possible that “fitness” activities in an outdoor environment is to be permitted as early as next week.

    8. FutAcademy is concerned with the health and mental wellbeing of players and families and is considering taking steps to reopen physical classes in accordance with our protocol as early as Monday 31st August.

    9. In the absence of being permitted to hold classes at a sports & social club, we are considering holding classes at private residential spaces that would permit OUTDOOR fitness activities to take place.

  2. Steps to reopening

    1. Survey - understand the feelings and needs of our whole community

    2. Analyse - based on responses, report and decide on a safe recommencement date

    3. Liaise - with our venues in order to decide whether our plans meet their plans

    4. Define - our plan for reopening

    5. Propose - share our action plan with our FutAcademy community.

  3. Survey

    1. I would like to invite you to fill in this short questionnaire, in order to better understand how we may be able to return to physical operations in the near future.

      1. Please READ our FA Protocols

      2. Please fill in the survey:

I would like to thank you for your continued support throughout this period of uncertainty. It has been a challenging time for everyone and many people have suffered in many different ways throughout the pandemic. It is my hope that we can return to some form of SAFE, presential classes, following strict health & safety guidelines that will enable our players and their families to begin to return to some form of normality. I will always put the health, safety and wellbeing of my staff, players and families above all else when a final decision is to be made on the recommencement of classes and I will not be pressured into cutting corners or deviating away from a safe plan of action that benefits all. 


I very much hope we can once again see each other on the playing field and get back to the sport we love so dearly. I look forward to your responses through the survey and am also available via email if you would like to reach out to me personally: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In the meantime, I wish you and your families continued good health.