Learn about the FutAcademy Methodology

FutAcademy takes a lot of pride in our methodology. Our philosophy provides the basis to our methodology, but it is important we fulfill our obligations and stay faithful to the philosophy by implementing it correctly. Here you will learn what steps we take in matches and training to do this and what you should expect as a parent and/or player from us. Please scroll down to learn about;

FutAcademy Curriculum

Our FutAcademy Curriculum comprises of a season plan that links football related topics to learning objectives and outcomes for each individual player. It is designed to adapt to player age and ability according to our FA stages of learning.

Players are taught using the WHOLE Player Development Method whereby we focus on not only the technical and tactical aspects but also physical, psychological (mental) and social aspects.

Coaches are required to design appropriate sessions contemplating the learning objectives and learning outcomes and prompt development of ALL 5 areas of the WHOLE Player Development Method.

Learn about the 5 FA stages of learning from our Philosophy

How do we coach our players?

Our coaches design sessions according to our curriculum. Exercises whereby ALL players are involved permitting the most opportunity to practice a skill are key. A fundamental element of all our classes is the relationship our players create with their coaches. Core values such as RESPECT and DISCIPLINE are mutually adhered to and in turn these provide a basis for enjoyable learning experiences for our players.

Some key aspects of our sessions to look out for . . .

Session Topics

Within a 4-6 weeks block there could be as many as 8-12 sessions. Each session topic is related to the block topic and is global enough for a coach to interpret as he/she wishes in order to adapt exercises to achieve the learning outcomes.

Some examples of session topics from different block topics are;

Block Topic: Defensive Zone
Session Topic: Delaying the attackers in a 2v2

Block Topic: Midfield Zone
Session Topic: Playing through the thirds

Block Topic: Attacking Zone
Session Topic: Attacking from wide areas

FutAcademy Coaches are certified professionals who dedicate their time not only to giving classes on the coaching field, but also researching, planning and preparing their sessions beforehand as well as evaluating and looking to improve afterwards.

Coaches attend regular clinics in order to analyse the methodology and review how each coach is fulfilling their coaching obligations. We evaluate how certain topics are working and most importantly how players are responding to our coaching. This is all led by our FA Program Co-ordinator, Luke Thorp.

FutAcademy coaches are First Aid Qualified and also have attended workshops on the latest Child Protection Regulations and Procedures.

What to expect in classes . . .

Coaches are tasked with providing dynamic, challenging, thought provoking, intense sessions which allow players to collaborate in order to solve problems and analyse their performance.

Training sessions will follow the above structure: Warm up, Main activity 1, Main activity 2 (progression), SSG (Small Sided Game) and finally a Cool Down.

Players are encouraged to explore and discover ways to solve problems in our sessions. We as coaches need players to think about the activities players are performing in order for them to learn. We WILL NOT shout instructions and dictate specifically how something should be done. It has been proven that this does not promote long term learning.

Some other key points about our classes are that there should be NO LINES, players waiting turns to perform an activity, Chaos should be promoted therefore No A-B-C. In matches players never pass from one cone to another and there are no predetermined "plays" like NFL therefore chaos and random movements should be promoted as much as possible.