FA Kinder Kickers

We are proud to announce our NEW Kinder Kickers Program at FutAcademy. Everyone deserves the opportunity to play football and no more so than the littlest ones. We accept youngsters from the age of 3yrs + to take their first steps in football and develop their gross & fine motor skills, balance, co-ordination and much more.

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Kinder soccer class structure

2-5 mins Meet & Greet
A fun nice way to meet the kids. Normally a special handshake or nursery rhyme to welcome players into class.

10 mins Warm up - NO BALL
A fun exercise that you do at the start of every class. We rotate a number of games for repetition so that kids get to recognise the different activities.

10 mins Game 1 - BALL
The first game should introduce the technical topic through a fun and interactive game. It is important to not get into technical coaching points, rather "let the game be the teacher" and permit the children to discover for themselves.

10 mins Races - (BALL optional)
A second component to the class is a race. Here the children either have conventional lane racing or even circle racing. There are many fun games that include some sort of competitive element where players measure themselves against each other.

10 mins Game 2 - BALL
This is a continuation of topic from Game 1 - the activity should promote the development of the technical skill we are trying to cover in accordance with the block topic. It always has some sort of FUN competitive element.

10 mins Game 3 - BALL
It is important that this game is OFF TOPIC. Perhaps the kids have a favourite game that they like to play and as coaches we give some ownership to the kids and allow them to choose. We often let them invent games and put loose rules to them. It doesn´t necesarily need to be "match" and the funner the better!

5 mins Cool Down & Despedida
We end the class in the same way every week with a calming activity. We incorporate a "goodbye" (handshake etc...) into the activity.

Siempre con juegos. ¡Con niños de Kinder nunca se entrena!

"Para mi lo más importante para los niños de kinder es: Que se diviertan y AMEN el Fútbol. Yo divido el plan en 3 ejes los cuales son:
1. Entrenamiento de Movimiento General,
2. Entrenamiento orientado al Fútbol
3. Jugando Fútbol

Estoy convencido de que para hacer un mejor México tengo que empezar desde abajo, así cuando crezcan los que hoy son niños, serán GRANDES personas y no sólo de tamaño, es la herencia que le puedo dejar a mi hijo, un mejor país."

Coach Ricardo

Coach Ricardo Garcia